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Enterprise Mobility Enables Unprecedented Transparency and Actionable Insights for Facilities Inspections

October 17, 2016

    ServiceChannel, the world leader in Service Automation solutions for companies managing multi-location commercial facilities, announced the update to its Site Audit Manager application. The newest version of the application is developed in cooperation with SolbegSoft team.

SolbegSoft has been working with ServiceChannel as a technology partner for 8 years now and has been responsible for the most mission critical parts of ServiceChannel service automation platform for facilities managers and contractors, including Site Audit Manager application.

Site Audit is designed to capture standardized facilities condition data while on-site using mobile devices, empowering facilities managers to make more informed budgeting decisions and monitor location condition trends – all fully integrated with their work order creation process.

Working with ServiceChannel on developing new features of the application, SolbegSoft team implemented the following enhancements:

  • Faster and simpler navigation through the audit process.
  • Capacity planning using visual merchandising at each location.
  • Data sets to better understand total repair and/or replace decisions necessary to maintain a facilities’ update.
  • Use of photography to capture current status and for on-going facilities operations process.
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ServiceChannel Site Audit Manager application offers effective and simple capture and centralization of actionable intelligence about locations and their assets. This simplifies the audit process significantly, enabling the staff at any given store, restaurant or other facility location to perform effective audits, saving time and money, and ensure positive customer experience. All data from the audits is stored, enabling facilities managers to identify audit trends and make more efficient data-driven decisions.

“Mobility empowers today’s facilities managers to accomplish just about every important task anytime, anywhere and on-the-go,” said Tom Buiocchi, CEO of ServiceChannel. “From managing work orders to conducting site audits and safety reviews, mobile computing is boosting operational efficiencies and ensuring completeness and reducing time-to-resolution of open issues for the service automation enabled facilities manager.”

The increased use of enterprise mobility tools such as ServiceChannel Site Audit Manager is one of the key trends having the greatest impact for facilities managers and contractors in 2016 and beyond.


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