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ISO 9001 Renewal

May 8, 2020
    We are happy to announce that our company has once again successfully passed the annual international audit for compliance with ISO 9001.

Key subjects of this audit:

  • Quality Management System documentation.
  • 2019 goals achieving, as well as planning activities for the current year.
  • Processes implementation.
  • Risk assessment for business.
  • Flexibility of the company (for example, our reaction to the COVID-19 threat), etc.
  • Thanks to our internal team consisted of COO Oksana Mogulenko, Education Manager Julia Demjanovich and Customer Success Manager Ilya Chechenev, for their work and efforts during this international audit. They have made this great job without the external help.

    Our departments are working on new company standards, process descriptions and instructions. These documents will help us reach a new business level, be more focused on a result, structure our documentation and accelerate the adaptation of new employees, their understanding of the company rules and culture.


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