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SolbegIndia Expands its Team

April 10, 2018
    Last year we announced that SolbegGroup opened new office in Mumbai, the commercial and financial center of India. It was one of the most significant events of 2017 – our company enforced its expertise and expanded international presence.

We are happy to announce that after a year of productive work, our SolbegIndia team has become bigger – now we have more than 50 highly-qualified IT specialists and two offices in Mumbai. Our Solution Consultants, Technical Analysts and Software Engineers accept new challenges in their daily support, maintenance and development services.

We are a worldwide company with clients from various countries and regions. And it is an honor to mention that training methods, as well as quality and efficient work of SolbegIndia specialists were distinguished by our customers.

This summer, SolbegIndia colleagues are planning to visit Belarusian office for knowledge transfer and improvement of intercultural connections and communication.

SolbegIndia has lots of ambitions for developing and creating strong international presence.

SolbegIndia Expands its Team
SolbegIndia Expands its Team
SolbegIndia Expands its Team


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