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SolbegSoft and SmartexLab Partnership

December 11, 2019
    SolbegSoft is glad to announce that we have acquired a majority stake in FintexLab (brand name “SmartexLab”), a full-service software development company from Brest (Belarus), specializing in both web and mobile software since 2014. FintexLab’s core focus is software development for FinTech and Healthcare, they also specialize in delivering successful projects in logistics and other industries.

For us, it will always be about customers. SolbegSoft and FintexLab joined forces to provide a comprehensive network of integrated services that will better serve our customers’ needs. From now on our joint practice team has reached more than 350 people in Belarus, whose main aims are building one united tech hub covering multiple client needs, developing existing industry verticals and opening new horizons in a variety of software development niches.

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