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SolbegSoft is Going to O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

February 16, 2018
    Meet us in New York on February 25-28, 2018, attending O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, professional event for worldwide IT specialists. This is a great opportunity for our company to gain new experience, update knowledge, meet colleagues and take part in discussions.

Conference includes four-days event with trainings, tutorials and lections from more than 40 speakers: talented software architects, engineers, and senior developers. They will share their ideas, knowledge and experience in software architecture focusing on: Application and Enterprise Architecture, Microservices, Cloud native development and deployment and more.

Among the speakers are Abby Back from Google, Andrew Hately from IBM, Steven Wu from Netflix, Tom Hofte from Xebia and others.

SolbegSoft has wealth of experience and expertise in the field of Enterprise Solutions Development, Custom Applications Development, Maintenance and Support and others since 2008. We are always improving our knowledge and keeping an eye on new technologies and innovations. Our representative is heading to New York on February 25-28 with purposes such as knowledge sharing, education, new perspectives and contacts.

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