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SolbegSoft Levels Up with Microsoft Partnership

June 3, 2020
    We’re glad to announce the renewal of Microsoft partnership. SolbegSoft has satisfied the requirements one more time and attained the following competencies in the Microsoft Partner Network program: Gold Application Development, Silver Datacenter and Silver Data Analytics.

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Microsoft Gold Partner marks SolbegSoft as an expert in implementation of custom applications using core Microsoft technologies. Our company provides such software services as development of advanced web and mobile applications, complex enterprise-level systems, maintenance and support, cloud solutions using core Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Silver Datacenter competency proves that our specialists met all the technical requirements and passed the necessary exams. Apart from the core benefits of Gold Microsoft Partnership, the competency gives the access to the Microsoft Partner Server and Cloud site, resources and tools of which will help in successful project delivery. Eligibility for the Microsoft Managed Reseller Incentive is another benefit of the competency, as well as deployment and management of Windows Server based infrastructure, and deployment and management of Virtualization solutions.

Silver Data Analytics competency showcases our BI expertise and Microsoft SQL Server know-how, as well as our commitment to provide a transformational business value to our customers by leveraging the Microsoft stack. We are glad to be recognized as a company that demonstrates the expertise to deliver, deploy, and support BI projects.

Our projects were distinguished by our customers as highly qualified and innovative solutions for their businesses. SolbegSoft has recommended itself as a reliable worldwide IT provider with a wide range of expertise and rich experience.

We are proud to have an opportunity to work with professional Microsoft products and receive improved access to Microsoft tools and platforms, hoping that this partnership will be long and beneficial for both sides.


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