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SolbegSoft Organized a Charity Event for Animal Shelters

November 6, 2019
    SolbegSoft has organized a charity fundraising for several shelters with homeless pets. Gastro Market – the title of the event – was also united with our internal SolbegPets contest.

The idea of the whole event was to volunteer some food, medicine and other supplies for animals or optionally bake a cake, so that people could exchange supplies for a piece of cake while adding up to overall earnings of supplies for animals who are in need of care.

We couldn’t stay aside from the problem and decided to join those, who donate time, money, and products to help animals in need. Together, we believe to make a difference in the lives of shelter pets by giving food and holding adoption events. In the future, we’d like to make some dog/cat-friendly office events.

During the campaign day, our employees have collected around 80 kg of food supplies and also a decent financial support. We’re yet to pick the neediest shelters and visit them altogether to maximally help animals.

SolbegSoft is happy and proud to know that among us there are so many kindhearted and understanding colleagues, who don’t hesitate to give a hand to our little fluffy friends. Being animal lovers we believe that animals deserve an exceptional quality of life, treatment, and care, and all this pushes us to support animal welfare groups and do our part in contributing to their overall well-being.

There are no words found to describe the gratitude towards those who responded to the activity. Thank you all for participating in the Gastro Market event, for the delicious homemade pies, collected animal food and the funds contributed.


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