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SolbegSoft is Recognized by Customers on Clutch

September 19, 2017
Since 2008, SolbegSoft has delivered premium quality IT services to our global customers. Recently, we have been recognized for our high-end solutions by Clutch, an influential B2B ratings and review platform. Companies on Clutch are recognized for their ‘ability to deliver’ based on references, reviews, clients, experience, and market presence.

SolbegSoft is interested and believe in solid long-term partnership relations. We aim to become a strategic partner for our customers and focus on understanding the full picture of their business goals, corporate culture and criteria of success to create comprehensive solutions helping businesses meet their specific objectives.

Here’s a sample of what our clients have said about us on Clutch:

SolbegSoft is Recognized by Customers on Clutch

“I’ve had good success with them and I would recommend anybody to give it a try.”

“Their documentation is extremely strong which is very hard to get in the States”

“What I’ve learned from SolbegSoft is they’re not afraid to say no, which is a good thing. They explain why they think we should do things differently. It’s helpful to have those conversations. They bring an opinion to the table.”

“Give them an idea, and they’ll be able to follow through in and make that idea a reality.”

“One of the things with software development is that sometimes you need someone in the middle of the night. They seem to be organized internally. I don’t have a problem with resources not being communicative. I have access to my team, which is very important.”

Being highly appreciated by our customers makes us incredibly happy. We are value-driven, result-oriented, and always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers leverage the advances of technology for business success.

At SolbegSoft, we believe in solid partnerships, best practices, effective business solutions, and client delight. We are always thinking of new, innovative ideas.

Clutch has already included us in such ratings as:

  • Top European App Developers 2017
  • Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Belarus 2017
  • Top New York Web Developers 2017
  • Top Custom Software Development Companies 2017
  • Top CRM & Sales Enablement App Developers 2017
  • Top Enterprise App Development Companies 2017
  • Top Eastern Europe Software & Web Developers 2017
  • Top .NET Developers 2017
  • Top European App Developers 2017
  • Top Custom Software Development Companies 2017
  • Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Belarus 2017

We are excited to be recognized for our work by a top ratings and review portal Clutch and are determined to further help companies from all over the world to grow, boost performance, optimize business processes, and outperform their competition.

Check how our services and solutions can help your business or consult us to get a robust technical advice.


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