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July 25, 2018
    On a dusky day, 22 of July, as the rain was pouring, the strongest and most resistant heroes revealed their faces full of courage, and showed up to the competition playground. Those heroes were the ones and only – SolbegSoft Survivors!

The whole battlefield was extreme, strenuous, but most importantly, brought us all closer together in ways we’d never considered. The teambuilding outing was far from being a game.

That day everyone pushed their way out of the comfort zone and showed themselves in a completely new way. Survivor track with various competitions, which was getting way too hard, intense and extreme from time to time, but our teams made their best and demonstrated how they faced the challenges with dignity! For those who were looking for some unity with nature or themselves, there were places for yoga and meditation, chilling zones. Thus, everyone could find something interesting to spare time.

Our teams prove once again how determined, result oriented and multitasking they are: not everyone can write code and climb up the highest rocks at the same time, but we proved the impossible! There’s nothing better than shared experiences to build a strong team spirit, and we blended in perfectly!

We were ready to sacrifice for each other and that showed how much we’re of a team! That will be one great day to keep in memory!


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