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Town Hall Meeting in Brest

October 20, 2020
    Let’s recall the Town Hall Meeting with our Brest colleagues, where we discussed current projects, shared SolbegSoft’s best practices, company’s history, culture and general prospects for integration.

We take care of our employees and, consequently, we took precautions against COVID-19, such as physical distancing, wearing a mask, keeping rooms well ventilated, avoiding crowds during the whole event.

Brest Business Unit Manager Aleksey Dyadischev told us more about Brest office life.

Tell us about the current projects of your business unit?

We have more than five ongoing projects. The main part of the projects are dedicated teams, where we solve problems in cooperation with the client’s team. There are also projects where we provide a complete solution: from Design to DevOps and Support.

What are the key competencies of Solbeg Brest?

Historically, this is JavaScript and Angular, React, Vue, Node technologies. Now we are developing Java and QA Automation competencies. Previously, we have developed mobile applications only using cross-platform JavaScript technologies, but now we already have our first Android developer, and I believe in future our Android Team will grow. Also, I hope that soon we will revive .Net competency and create strong GoLang Department.

How many employees are working in BU Brest now?

There are 44 of us in total.

Describe the people who work at Solbeg Brest. How do they like to spend their time?

All of them are smart, talented, and great people! They like sport, board games, quizzes, travelling and much more.

New Solbeg Brest office with all restrictive measures against the COVID-19
Halloween Teambuilding before pandemiс


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