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10 Ways You Can Benefit from Fleet Management Software

April 6, 2020
    Today Internet is full of fleet management software offerings. But how the business owner can choose from this diversity of products the useful one? Why your business needs fleet management software? Or maybe this is just a marketing ploy?

First, the great competitiveness of fleet management products gives the opportunity to find the best option for your business. Such industries as retail, logistics, oil and gas delivery, courier services, utilities, repair deal with fleet and fleet management. Evidently, these huge industries have over one vehicle, so after a while, business owners will have a necessity to optimize the workflow or cut the costs.

Let’s dive into benefits and advantages of fleet management software that prove you to think that it is not a marketing trick.

#1 Fuel management

Fuel is one of the largest expenses for the fleet owners. Managing your fuel usage, transactions, and costs will help save your business a significant amount each year. In most cases, fleet management software can track fuel delivery, costs, and usage to help your business grow.

#2 Driver Management

Driver management system gives all the information about the driver’s behavior, their productivity and workflow. Many systems have logbook, where you can find detailed information about the driver’s working time and schedule.

#3 Driver’s Safety

Fleet management software is not just about your fleet protection. Driver’s safety is an essential part, too. System informs the driver about the road situation or warns about dangers. Thus, the system improves safe driving behavior for drivers efficiently.

#4 Insurance

Often, fleet management systems provide alerts to the expiry of important documents, such as Insurance policy, Motor Vehicle License. Fleet owner can define the alert periods and system will inform the employees about them. In case of accident, all collected information about the driver’s performance and vehicle can be provided to the insurance companies.

#5 Visibility

When you know the status of your fleet, it empowers your company to make the real-time changes it needs to achieve target metrics. It will improve your customers’ loyalty, because of the truthful overview.

#6 Tracking

The fleet management system integrates with GIS for capturing the GPS tracking information. Telematics Solution provides detailed, real-time data reports in relation to the positioning of the vehicle (routes, speed, mileage and fuel consumption).

#7 Increase life span of the vehicle

Fleet management systems can notify drivers of mileage and performance indicators. For example, track the spare part utilization and suggest the time when some of them should be replaced. This ensures that the technical state of every vehicle is under control.

#8 Analytics and reporting

If you want to know more about the vehicle or driver performance, just use analytics and reporting tools of the fleet management system. Many of them offer special reports about spare parts, tire management, etc. Business owners can find all necessary data and make adequate conclusions.

#9 Customer loyalty

How is it possible to exceed customers’ expectations with the help of fleet management platforms? The answer is hiding in such words as tracking, visibility, reporting, online support, etc. These services are vital for every customer experience. It will increase customer satisfaction and give the best chance at maintaining the valued business.

#10 Maintenance costs

Many fleet management systems can reduce or optimize your maintenance cost. For example, define the maintenance schedules of all types of services such as filters and oils for servicing of the vehicle based on number of kilometers driven. The maintenance tracking feature can alert the fleet owner about vehicle needs.


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