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5 Challenges for Facility Management in Retail

January 23, 2020
    Retail industry is a huge part of our lives. We visit shops, malls, supermarkets almost every day, but don’t even take a thought about how many challenges retail facility managers face to keep them in top shape. It is important to identify these challenges and find the effective solution to overcome them.

We’ve collected all the FM challenges and their solutions in one list. Let’s have a look.

Facility Management Challenge #1: Budget Control.

Every retail business wants to cut costs and fatten the profits. For example, you are facility manager and you’re asked if there are any ways that you can help the company save some money by reducing your costs. If you don’t have the answer or plan, your supervisors will be disappointed. It’s important to control facility costs and manage FM efficiency.

One of the solutions is to have a tracking system, that will provide information about inventory and negotiate prices with your vendors. This will save money in the long term and show your managers, that you can keep the costs down.

Another option is to conduct energy audit. Facility management consists of a wide array of functionalities, where energy control is an essential part. When you know how much you waste, you understand how much costs you can reduce. Additionally, facility managers can automate most of the processes and reduce costs in a significant way.

Facility Management Challenge #2: Resources and their Life Cycle.

If your cash register goes out or your HVAC isn’t working, it’s a cause for alarm. As a result, your business may have a heavy expense. That is why a facility department should know all the information about the lifespan of every facility resource, as well as maintain and control them.

Every facility manager should have the process of proper facility maintenance. For example, HVAC inspections, software protection, big cleaning up. It’s important to save these big investments to keep them functioning as long as you can.

Facility Management Challenge #3: More actions with less efforts.

Sometimes facility deps don’t have enough budget to cover all the issues. What should they do in such a situation?

Firstly, a facility manager should be organized. It is important to focus on the prioritized tasks. Whether it’s supplies or a team, it’s necessary to detail what you’ve got, so the facility manager can fill in the gaps efficiently.

Communication between a manager and a team is an essential part of the facility process. Lack of information can cause huge problems, that is why special chats or automated communication channels are a must. They help increase overall productivity and improve the efficiency of a facility department and your retail business in general.

Facility Management Challenge #4: Process Recording.

Maintaining accurate records is one of the biggest facility management challenges, because the necessary data in the correct time is a key.

Managing a large building means that facility manager oversees a lot of different systems, and if one doesn’t have a comprehensive database about every system, it can lead to expensive and time-consuming problems.

For instance, there isn’t a record of maintenance on the building’s fire alarm system. A facility representative has no way of knowing when the next service should be scheduled, which can lead to a potential breakdown or to an appointment scheduled prior to the due date, which is a waste of money and time; besides, this lack of information can cause people victims.

Or, for example, no one has kept track of the frequency with which the coffee-machines have been cleaned. This situation will lead to breakdowns, disappointed customers, overspendings. It is important to have a facility tracking system, where you can find all the information about services, maintenance, repairs, warranty periods, work orders, etc. These measures will save time and money.

Facility Management Challenge #5: The Right Vendors.

Vendors play an essential part in a facility management process. The right choice of a vendor can cut down expenses, save time and improve the work of the whole business. Who is the right vendor? What are the key characteristics? First of all, responsibility and reliability. Secondly, work experience, background, training process, turnover rate, etc. Only based on received data, facility manager can make a decision.


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