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Advising System in Education

March 25, 2019
    What are the key challenges of the Advising System in Education? What problems do students and advisors face every day? How do they manage them? This article has all the answers.

What is an advising system and how it works

There are researches in a high-education sphere that address graduation improvement and enrollment rates of the students with the access to advising services. Academic advising is an educational process that includes students, advisors and university administration representatives.

Advising services are available to all students. The goal of advising services is a student assistance in different ways. The main responsibilities of the adviser are academic requirements explanation for the university programs, discussion and explanation of the programs, interpretation of the university policies and procedures, academic programs’ plan development, helping and supporting students in their skills improvement. Students can meet with their advisors and receive the support and necessary advice.


There are some problems that both students and advisors may have during the advising process.

  • Lack of accessibility and visibility. Students don’t know about the advisors’ availability and haven’t got the access to the advisor’s up-to-date schedule. But according to analytical reports, about 80% of students prefer to have an opportunity to schedule an appointment 24/7 and know the advisor’s availability.
  • Information about the schedule of the advisors is confidential, and the appointment process is not visible for an advisee or administrative staff of the University. Both students and advisors want to see an up-to-date schedule and change it in case of necessity.
  • Students request an appointment, but don’t show up. This leads to gaps in the advisors’ schedule and ineffective work.
  • Information about the advising is not recorded, the progress is not visible. Advising process is a cooperation between a student and an advisor, but sometimes the help of the University administration is needed, so that all the processes should be visible and recorded for any participant in case of any questions.
  • Insufficient control over advising process.


Our solution is a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) online appointment scheduling solution that works for an advising scheduling system in Universities.

Advising appointment system provides students with 24/7 access to a current and accessible schedule for advisors, permits the advisors to manage their schedules and access for University administrators to view live appointment scheduling activity and records throughout the organization.

The Solution meets advisors’ and advisees’ requirements:

  • Instant access to an available schedule.
  • Visibility and accessibility of an appointment process.
  • Flexible customization.
  • Ability to cancel or reschedule the appointments.

Online appointment scheduling solution provides visibility and control of the advising process:

  • Account administrators can view, create or delete appointments for all services and advisors in their unit.
  • Administrator can re-assign an appointment from one advisor to another.
  • Reporting capabilities allow units to analyze their activity over time.

All the participants of the process have the 24/7 access via various devices, and receive notifications in order not to miss the appointment.

As a result, online advising scheduling solution solves all the challenges and can be customized according to the requirements.

How can we help you?

Our company provides software-as-a-Service (SaaS) online appointment scheduling solution that has high-quality booking appointment experience, relationship management system, user-friendly dashboard for effective workflow and performance management. We can help you solve the challenge!


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