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AI in Mobile App Development: Strengths and Flaws

March 27, 2020
    Artificial Intelligence seemed more like a sci-fi element from movies time ago. However, now it’s impossible not to notice how the technology is integrated in almost every form of mobile development.

A variety of companies which provide software development are curious about using innovative methods to make their processes updated and deliver robust solutions. AI opens up a lot of paths for developers, enabling error correction, speech interpretation, predictive analysis and visual perception to developers. Working with AI on daily basis, you should consider the following strengths and flaws of this technology.


Simplicity of tasks execution

There is a lot of tiresome work in mobile app development, where AI can go a long way. With the help of automation and AI robots that take over routine and everyday tasks, developers can feel less exhausted and store up energy to perform other vital and complex operations. This way, AI offers great simplicity of task execution and elimination of excessive workload.

Increased progress and efficiency

The process of developing mobile applications can be an important stage in which all the basic strategies and trainings related to design and development ideas are discussed. AI can help professionals in their daily affairs, create an overall picture of the final result and increase the efficiency of developers. Besides, AI can help reduce human errors, especially when they require uncompromising accuracy and precision. Developers can use its predictive structure and editing capabilities to take care of the smallest spelling and coding errors.

Performance and personalization

There is a higher chance of improving mobile app development using artificial intelligence. It makes performance of mobile applications better, speeds up tasks and personalizes user experience at a high level. AI provides developers with great flexibility and creativity needed to make an interface more attractive and personalized. An intelligent algorithm helps generate the best choices and customize product recommendations, process information, predict future requirements and interests of users.

Functional robots

A lot of businesses in industry verticals like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance&Banking, and Hospitality have scaled-up drastically and improved their workflow by utilizing intelligent machines and artificial human assistants. For instance, smart robots can simulate surgery procedures, diagnose diseases and build prognoses on their development, keep a role of hotel administrators, provide cleaning, repair&maintenance services and so on.

Popularity, marketing and success

Based on what is happening in the digital and mobile applications markets, AI is considered a new but popular trend among modern technologies. AI has been set on everyone’s tongue lately and become a technology with a positive appeal to the user audience, which multiplies its popularity, success, and profitability. With a unique, innovative approach, AI-enabled applications can offer your application a competitive edge, simplifying the automation of marketing and promotion of mobile applications.

Mining investigation

Fuel investigation can be more accurate and efficient with AI robots. Such robots are designed to guide miners through hard, grueling work, providing real-time instructions to increase worker productivity.


Limited creativity

There are several qualities like high creativity, rich imagination and vision, thorough thought process which are essential for the developers of mobile applications. Processing algorithms limit the capacity of machines, even though some of them are incredibly intelligent. AI can help with certain development and design templates, but they are still incapable of offering something extra. Human capacity of imagination, however, is limitless in such terms. There are no boundaries in human imagination, thus, this leaves a lot of space for improvement. Only humans have enough power to imagine a design and then bring it into life.

Employee replacement

AI machines pose a threat to human labour. Professionals with average skills or those in a learning phase might struggle and lose the priority in front of AI technology, moving towards replacement. For instance, mobile development simple tasks or those which are strictly lined with algorithms can be implemented with less manpower, while AI machines take over those routine tasks.

Solution implementation with higher expenses

Affordability is a major factor when talking about technology implementation and integration. For mobile application development companies, the question of cost may be case-specific. It is very common that AI has needs constant updates to match users’ expectations, as the trends evolve drastically, thus, it leads to the increases of management and maintenance costs. However, large companies with ambitious projects have a higher probability to extract the best results out of investments in artificial intelligence.

Possible mediocre features

AI cannot function on its own and requires a reliable interface and support for strong, complex technologies that can automate various analytical tasks. If you are struggling with time or do not have sufficient resources to develop these dynamic technologies, there is a possibility that you can create an AI application with incomplete functions that do not seem smart enough to respond in a desirable and consistent way. In many cases, skipping such features of a mobile application sounds better than offering its shabby, mediocre version.

Difficulties with AI implementation

Artificial intelligence has numerous benefits, but implementing it in reality is very challenging for sure. Embedding artificial intelligence capabilities into mobile development processes is quite cumbersome and difficult in general. It can create extra obstacles for mobile developers, as the process requires perfect balance and coordination between moving parts, understanding inputs and outputs of users’ expectations, following and adjusting to the latest trends to ensure seamless user experience.


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