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Automotive Industry Transformation Trends

September 15, 2020
    We have seen a lot of cutting-edge technology solutions to market lately. The fleet industry is not an exceptional industry and remains in a constant state of rapid growth. As technology advances, it’s critical to keep up with the latest fleet trends to maximize your fleet’s efficiency. Here are some fleet trends to look out for in 2020. The latest products seek to improve driver-manager communication and help businesses gain control and visibility over their assets.

There are several elements that affect the way automotive industry evolves.

External factors:

  • Our mobility habits will change
  • Personal and overall vehicle mileage will both increase
  • Vehicles will be used more intensively

Modelling results:

  • The car inventory will decrease significantly
  • Vehicle sales will rise regardless
  • Autonomous driving and electrification will be mutually beneficial


  • Rapid redistribution of R&D investment
  • Decisions regarding the long-term structure will be made between 2020 and 2025
  • Future business models will include the sale and operation of vehicles

Autonomous vehicle

it will take several years before a car can drive anywhere, at all times, without human oversight. But soon we’ll have cars capable of being fully autonomous in certain circumstances, most likely rural interstates with minimal variables – days of perfectly balanced cruise control are coming soon.

Driver blocking systems

This sounds similar to autonomous technology, but still differs, as the car is considered the decision maker here, actively disregarding driver’s commands. We’ve already got cars that will stop if you don’t manage to apply the brakes correctly. However, cars will apply the brakes even if the driver has the gas pedal pushed and going. The rapid increase in sensor technology will force a shift in priority, giving the car a final word — not you.

Driver behavior improvement

GPS tools have become an instrument to monitor driver safety and improve accountability. Real-time location tracking remains important for fleet managers.

Telematics tools provide a way to monitor driver productivity and uphold safety standards, allowing for driver safety improvement as well, including real-time safety alerts that provide drivers with correct actions on the road.

Identifying poor driver behavior gives a better overview of the whole picture to fleet managers on how to fix the problem, and create a bridge to fewer accidents and fines.

Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking

Insurance companies, and some state governments, are already talking about fees based on how many miles a person drives. By 2020 insurance companies will offer a reduced rate for drivers that agree to full tracking of their behavior. This technology remains voluntary, as it shouldn’t create a conflict with a driver’s privacy so far.

Biometric vehicle access

Keyless entry to vehicle is very attractive to drivers with a prospect to manage their fleet remotely. Forgetting keys inside the car is not a problem anymore, since you can unlock, manage or check a history of your car drivings with a single tap on the phone. Just don’t forget to secure your device properly.

Vibrant and quality displays

Head-Up Display technology has come a long way from the dim, washed out green digits some cars projected on their windshields 20 years ago. But as good as HUD is in 2015, by 2020 we’ll see active glass capable of displaying vibrant images. Imagine a navigation system that actually highlights the next turn (as seen from your perspective, through the windshield) as you approach it.

Transportation’s remote shutdown

In recent years the telematics company has shut down hundreds of stolen cars, ending police chases quickly and with little drama. This technology goes along with security and safety of the society, considering examples given above.

By 2020 remote vehicle shutdown will enter the social consciousness, negatively impacting nightly news ratings everywhere.

While tracking every aspect of your fleet sounds difficult, fleet management software has robust reporting capabilities. SolbegSoft automotive solutions can help increase efficiency of your fleet management operations.


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