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Customer Support Teams at SolbegSoft

November 19, 2020
    SolbegSoft offers 24/7 technical support services to customers across the world and is capable of adjusting to the most challenging time zone and language differences to ensure the uninterrupted operation of a particular IT system and continuity of services provided by the client organization.

Last month we celebrated the Customer Support Specialists week and interviewed Team Leads of Support Care Deps – Natalia Kirzhanova, Victoria Topchaeva and Artur Chernyavskiy. Here some fragments of our conversation.

Natalia, how many people work in your department and what are their competences?

The Second Line Support team consists of 11 people. Our mission is to help and support our customers. There is no division of responsibilities in our department, so each employee is a full-stack specialist.

How many tickets do you process on average per day?

On average, the team processes about 400 tickets per day. The minimum ideal number for each customer support specialist is 25 tickets. These include live chats with users who need urgent help. And if necessary, it can be calls and Zoom meetings.

Victoria, how many people work in First Line Support department and what are their responsibilities?

There are 12 people in our team. The main part of the working day is receiving calls: helping clients with account settings, creating work-orders in the system. There is some division of responsibilities within our team. We have supervisors, that help agents with all the questions and problems, conduct trainings, listen to call records for quality assurance process. You can also highlight the responsibilities of the EDR team. Only one person is currently working on EDR in Minsk, the main team is based in India. EDR – emergency distribution reports, which are generated automatically every half hour. They include work orders that need to be completed within two to eight hours of the application receipt, and any delay costs money for the client.

Artur, how many employees are there in the Indian Customer Support Department?

We opened our office in Mumbai, on 25 of May in 2017. Now it consists of 35 specialists.

Tell us about the work and culture specifics of the Customer Support Dep in India.

I think many have heard that India is considered the world leader in customer support services. This is due to the peculiarities of the labor market, high level of English and communication skills.

From my personal experience of communicating with our Indian colleagues, I can highlight a lot of positive moments:

  • First of all, the Indian people are famous for their smile and sincerity. And this is true!
  • Secondly, India is a country in which the boss is the most respected figure: his words are not subject to discussion, and all tasks are performed with maximum responsibility.
  • Indians are very family- oriented people: first they will ask you “How is your family?”, “How are the children?”, And only then they will start to work. Such family “small talks” are very important for building a good work relationship.
  • It’s important to note, that Indians never say “no” directly, so as not to offend with rejection.

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We are extremely flexible in adjusting to our customers’ needs and are technically capable of supporting systems based on virtually any known technology. For more information about the ways SolbegSoft can always help your critical business application remain online, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


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