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Dedicated Support Team – Waste of Money or Necessity for Your Business?

May 2, 2018
    In the early 2000s, the European airline BMI (formerly known as British Midland) faced a problem of frequent delays in flight departures and arrivals, along with passengers missing their flights because of untimely passing departure security procedures. It immediately became clear that this turned into huge losses and a serious problem for the whole company.

Luckily, at that time, BMI signed a support services contract with Fujitsu company.

Fujitsu is a global full-service information technologies provider. Among the services of the company are consulting, design, building, operation, management and support of business solutions. Fujitsu has a reputation as a strong and competitive provider of IT support services at various stages.

After the contract execution with BMI, Fujitsu made the analysis of different types of appeals, technical problems and incidents from BMI employees. It turned out that very often (in 26% of cases) people complained about the bad work of printers at the check-in desks. Employees of the airline constantly found that they couldn’t print boarding passes and baggage receipts. Missed flights, departure delays – all of these caused great losses for the company. Fujitsu concluded that the most cost-effective solution would be to eliminate the very reason for these calls – unsuitable printers for such work. As a result, company convinced the top management of BMI in buying more suitable printers. The result is more than 80 % decrease of appeals after 18 months.

After this successful problem-solving Fujitsu based its support services on new approach – intellectual feedback. As a result, BMI received decrease of appeals and workload of technical support department. For 18 months BMI Fujitsu has managed to reduce the total number of calls to the support service by 40%. It also significantly increased customer satisfaction and reduced employees’ turnover in the support service from 50% under the previous operator to 8%. Support specialists had enough time for experiments, creativeness and individual help for every customer. Technical support of BMI became more custom-focused.

Software support services overview

Today, for every business that uses IT solutions – quality support service is a vital issue. It is important to notice that successful Software Development doesn’t end at delivery and there are the main points why:

  • Demand of further modifications, new features and functions, etc.;
  • Changes of market conditions;
  • Organizational changes;
  • Technology obsolescence;
  • Strategic importance of high quality end user support for business success.

Professional support and maintenance services are the best way to reduce the total cost of software systems and ensure timely improvements, enabling to focus on developing business and getting a return on investments, rather than managing technology. The professional support consists of:

  • pre-support audit and consulting;
  • end- user support;
  • software maintenance.

Every level has its own scope of activities. Find out more here

Dedicated support team – waste of money or necessity for your business?

SolbegSoft support services are based on the principle of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) by using best practices, similar to Fujitsu. Our company pays attention to the analysis of every source of the problem of each individual incident. After combining the same incidents in the one problem and resolving it we eliminate a whole layer of incidents. This procedure is called: “Incident & Problem Management”.

What are the differences between incident and problem? Incident is unscheduled service disruption or component fault that ‘hasn’t yet impacted service” as it was mentioned in ITIL. The problem is a one or several incidents involved in the same issue or are quite similar. It is important to categorize these terms correctly because we need different types of work to resolve them. Proper problem management will help to explore the source of the incidents and resolve the situation avoiding the retries.

Our maintenance & support professionals have extensive experience supporting complex software solutions for the complicated and evolving industries (Finance & Banking, Service Automation), and is uniquely qualified to solve the most difficult software issues. Check the whole array of our maintenance and support services.

Daria Rabushko

Marketing Manager at SolbegSoft


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