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Digital Transformation in Connectivity and Automotive Data Exchange

October 4, 2020
    Digital transformation and tech advancements are increasingly changing the automotive industry. Consumers are becoming more demanding as the standards for getting better experience are more likely to be settled. That’s exactly the reason why automotive companies are striving to revamp their technological and digital offerings.

Nowadays we stepped into an industrial epoch in which connected vehicles are the new norm. As a result, the market is seeing a growing demand for electric vehicles, increased penetration of advanced vehicle safety systems, and a boom in mobility sharing technologies. Moreover, autonomous vehicles have appeared on the market only about a decade away. All of this is leading to an increased need for automotive electronics and advanced automotive software.

SolbegSoft experts provide a full-cycle automotive software development:

  • Technical requirements and business analysis
  • PoC UX/UI design and prototyping
  • Cloud application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Embedded application development
  • Comprehensive QA and Testing
  • Support and maintenance

Find out more in SolbegSoft Automotive brochure.

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