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Fleet Management Systems: Benefits and Flaws You Should Consider

May 22, 2020
    Fleet management can be a time-consuming and costly activity regardless of your fleet size. It’s not easy to keep track of all vehicle management tasks like maintenance scheduling, registration, tracking, driver management and operation costs. It also brings up more difficulties while you try to manage and record all the relevant data even if you’re just managing a couple of vehicles.

Fleet management software is designed to help companies organize and manage their vehicles to keep all the operations running smoothly. It comes with a variety of features that allow managers and dispatchers to access real-time data on the operations of individual vehicles. Fleet management software can record data on different aspects such as driving routes, idle time and speed.

A Fleet Management System may include many functions:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle tracking and diagnostic
  • Driver management
  • Fuel management
  • Tachograph management (Remote download)
  • Health and safety management

Pros and Сons:

+ Improved Driver Safety

The first advantage on the list is improved driver safety. Technology out there right now can help you track accidents, mitigate risk and keep your drivers happy and healthy.

There are tools that help monitor driver behavior. The software then identifies which drivers are at a greater risk of an accident, so you can take the proper steps to prevent that occurrence.

– Mismanagement of Technology

In many cases, the technology you implement will rely on other people in order to work properly. For example, the driver who is responsible for managing the technology.

Therefore, there have been created several mismanaged tools in fleet management systems – make sure your employees are on board and up to the task beforehand.

+ Increased Fleet Productivity

One of the biggest reasons to implement new fleet technology is to increase productivity.

Many tools, such as mobile applications that monitor vehicle locations, can streamline your operations and shed light on new routes that will save time and money. Use technology to increase your fleet’s productivity by communicating more effectively with drivers and storing relevant information.

– Choosing the Wrong Technology

The hardest part about fleet technology is picking the right options for your company. The trial process is incredibly important and it can remove the risk of choosing the wrong technology.

Fleet technology comes in all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest GPS devices to large computers related software and everything in between.

Some common benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Effective cost management
  • Fleet management from anywhere
  • Quick response to customer inquires
  • Driver behavior management
  • Quick data sharing with partners
  • Crime prevention due to advanced security features

For a fleet manager, the trick becomes choosing the right technology for the job. Sure, tools like fleet fuel cards are beneficial, but what about driver-tracking solutions? Or mobile applications? Turn to SolbegSoft for the technical advice and best approaches to fleet management.


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