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How Technology Will Change the Future of Customer Service

October 1, 2020
    Customer service has always been the hot topic. The rise of communication via video channels, online messaging, cryptocurrencies, AI and chatbots, self-service, and even customer success itself – all of the listed elements create a lot of space for future changes and progress in customer support services. New technologies come along with challenges, and that’s our daily concern to overcome. Let’s take a look at how service technology will influence customer service in the future.

The rise of communication via video channels

It’s ultimately surprising how valuable the real person-to-person communication seems in the era of artificial intelligence and actively used chatbots. The connection between customers and support managers should be set in a trustworthy environment. Defining a problem takes time, and the way we interact with each other helps move the progress far ahead. Eye contact improves relationships and facilitates openness (whether that’s in business or in your personal life), so video is not just a growing expectation of consumers, but a viable business-improving tool for vendors. You should start using video voicemails now, and scheduled meetings with customers should involve a face-to-face meeting whenever possible.

Companies that actively use video as a source to connect to their customers, be it a video voicemail or a video conference, are literally a generation ahead.

Email replacement with online messaging

We can’t state that emailing will be totally dead – that’s not the right term to claim. However, customers expect active involvement and rapid answers. Imagine yourself in a situation, when you face a problem and direct it to support managers: you expect it to be solved as quickly as possible, as you need an urgent solution right now (if you could manage it on your own, you wouldn’t send a note to external professionals, would you?). Waiting for a ticket approval, being in queues of processing your exact request – the overall procedure requires time and patience, and, who knows, perhaps some financial cost.

That’s when online chats step into the game. This expectation of real-time messaging and responsiveness seeps into our minds as consumers. On-site conversations and chat are all expected to be real-time, one on one, and authentic. That’s a big change from the world of asynchronous snail mail, and then email.

Remote work will build in as something usual

In today’s life of 2020 it doesn’t sound like a surprise anymore. We know that the pandemic has had a profound impact on workplaces and created a massive shift towards remote work, challenging people to learn to work in ways dramatically different from the previous cases.

This situation especially refers to support services. The future of customer service will not only push customers online, but it’ll move service representatives there as well.

Customer service managers will have more opportunities and resources for remote work. Moreover, most service channels can already be used outside offices and call centers. Email, live chat, and social media can even be operated from a smartphone with the help of cloud-based solutions that allow you to work from home. As businesses see the potential savings of reducing office space, it’ll become much more common for service managers to work remotely.

AI bots as assistants to support service managers

Bots aren’t viewed as a different interaction mode for existing knowledge, and they seem as another opportunity to engage your customers. Conversational UI is a great tool for businesses to execute when overtaking the communication progress.

Chatbots can provide support while the team is unavailable due to some reasons, and improve self-service for customers, reduce expenses for vendors.

Bots and AI will be a game-changer for customer support services, where managers spend most of their working time giving out the repetitive answers to the same questions over and over again, helping customers with the similar incident solutions.


Self-service has existed since the first ever written guide in the sphere of customer care.

What is the initial step to push your customers help themselves? You need a knowledge base to create guides, manuals and FAQs, providing answers to common customer questions, which can be found via browser search. This helps eliminate repetitive cases for support managers.

Blockchain as a game changer

Cryptocurrency itself is probably not going to radically change customer success, because paying with bitcoin isn’t too different than paying with other currencies. However, blockchain technology has fascinating applications to contracting and how transparent payments are in the future. Smart contracts — a way for machines to enforce and execute contract terms and payments without human involvement – are a generation ahead of simple recurring payment models.

Customer success as a competitive differentiator

Great customer success will become a critical competitive advantage for companies, just like great customer support is today.

The customer success industry, and the progress of companies in search of customer value, is just too fast and effective for this to not happen. Plus, the concepts of customer success are permeating beyond just the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. It’s spreading quickly and growing.

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