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The Impact of IoT on Everyday Life

June 21, 2020
    The Internet of Things is still in the beginning of its way as a phenomenon. However, its rate of adaptability, expansion, uniqueness, ingenuity and scope makes a strong impression on us as consumers. Hi-Tech organizations go beyond their possibilities to develop more and more ways of connection for us. Within the next five years, sensors will likely have permeated every aspect of our lives, from our refrigerators to our shoes. The world’s IT infrastructure will be supporting a huge number of devices, big and small. With that bright future in mind, let’s look at some of the aspects of your daily life that the Internet of Things may influence.

There are clearly areas where IoT applications are improving life for a vast number of people. There are also areas where entire industries and livelihoods will be disrupted or eliminated. Technology seems to be an unstoppable force, and the IoT is a powerful force that propagates it, regardless of geographical or political boundaries.

The challenges we face in this area are still great – security being at the top of the list. Supporting the billions of connected devices through a stable network infrastructure is another. Soon enough, if all goes well, the phenomenon will be more than a trending hashtag – it will be a way of being in the world.

IoT advanced technologies:

  • Identification
  • Addressing
  • Applications
  • Standards/Protocols
  • Cloud Data Storage/Analytics
  • Intelligent Management
  • IP-based Sensors
  • Security/Privacy
  • Middle-ware

IoT main components:

  • Processing units
  • Core Hardware: Miniature Things/Devices
  • Communication/Network

The ongoing computing and communications reformation has numerous economic and social impacts on modern society and requires serious social science investigation in order to manage its risks and dangers. Such work would be valuable for both social policy and technology design. Decisions have to be taken carefully. Many choices being made now will be costly or difficult to modify in the future.

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