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Popular Ecommerce Platforms

April 26, 2021
    If you have plans to sell online, you need an eCommerce platform. This software will help you to create and manage a full-fledged online store. But finding the best eCommerce solution for your business is not so easy. There are a lot of offerings of ecommerce software with different features and plans. We decided to mention some popular platforms and make their short overview.


Shopify is a good option for beginners and small/medium businesses. It is easy and powerful eCommerce solution with more than a million eCommerce websites across various industries and product types. Key features of this platform are user-friendly interface, easy setup, adaptability, 24/7 support system.

You can use this eCommerce platform whether you small business, start-up, or giant like KKW Beauty or Whole Foods Market. Shopify makes it easy for you to sell products from your online store through social media platforms, online marketplaces, and in-person with Shopify POS.

With the help of Shopify platform, you can build your website, that is optimized for mobile devices, from scratch. Shopify offers a great payment processor and integrates with more than 3,200 apps in the Shopify App Store.



Another popular eCommerce solution is Wix. One of the key benefits of this platform is simplicity and flexibility. Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder, that can adapt to your business needs.

For the eCommerce Wix website you need to choose the plan to accept payments online. Your Wix store manager can manage inventory, track orders, and communicate with your customers. This platform has integrations with necessary software for your business and more than 500 eCommerce templates. Wix offers possibility to customize your virtual storefront with collections, galleries, related products, and a customer wish list.

Wix has no transaction commissions to worry about. The only fees will come from the payment processor. Wix has 4 eCommerce plans with advanced features for different types of businesses.



Magento is also a highly popular eCommerce solution. But this option is not for do-it-yourself website because it is an open source, and you need professional web development team for it. Magento platform is a good choice for medium or large businesses that have web professionals. Dev team can adapt the platform for your business goals.

The platform has comprehensive features and a wide-ranging back-end interface. Magento is flexible and customizable solution. Magento Open Source is free, but you can choose Magento Commerce for more possibilities. This is a paid plan with customized pricing, targeting large businesses.


To sum up, Shopify is a good option for startups, beginners, small or medium eCommerce shops, Wix is a good variant for beginners, small businesses, and Magento is an open source that is a great solution for medium or large eCommerce shops and enterprises.

    SolbegSoft team has wide experience in customization of eCommerce solutions for specific needs of your business. We offer Magento Architecture Advisory, Migration and Implementation Magento Services, Magento Cloud Deployment Services, Infrastructure Review and Solution Health Check, etc. Let’s discuss your business ideas together!

Info and Photo Sources: www.wix.com, www. magento.com and www.shopify.com


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