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Professional Support Services in One Direction With Your Business

July 28, 2020
    Implementation is just the beginning of integrating new technology into an organization. Hardware and software must be maintained, updated, and adapted to fit changing market conditions and business demands. SolbegSoft is a Customer Support Services expert. Our company provides Support Services of all levels, automated Customer Support, migration, production system maintenance, integrations and extensions development.

Support services provide help regarding specific problems with a product or service. Customer support focuses on the experience of the customer. Our company provides Support Services and offers two Support Models: Dedicated Support Team and Shared Support Team.

Companies today need a technology provider that can address immediate needs quickly, competently, and in a manner that moves the business forward. SolbegSoft services provide the resources to keep your technology running at peak performance and make the most of your investment. Several maintenance support levels are available, including options for technical account management and dedicated support, so you can be certain your organization has the support it requires.

Why just manage your IT, when your IT can be managed

Our services provide full support and complete responsibility for your overall IT requirements; managing day-to-day services and providing long term advice regarding IT-related business issues. Our trained and professionally qualified staff have the ‘know how’ to prevent issues before they affect you and your business. The support team are experienced in Information Technology specializing in programming, networking & infrastructure, software and hardware support. We identify trends and recurring issues to isolate the root causes. From one-off projects to fully integrated IT support we are there for your requirements today and in the future.

Customer care is paramount

We work closely with our technology partners to ensure our staff are trained and accredited to the highest standards, with continuous review of customer satisfaction to improve future performance. If you have software that needs support, we can also provide as much guidance as you need to get it up and working.

Your success is important to SolbegSoft. Let our team of experts help you with all your support needs to get the most out of your network.

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