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QA Responsibilities in an Agile Environment

December 11, 2020
    Quality assurance (QA) has always been an essential part of software development. QA specialist monitors the software engineering processes and methods used to assure quality.

There are some differences of the QA process in Agile and Waterfall environments. In this article we will go through the QA responsibilities in Agile methodology.

What are the responsibilities of QA in Agile?

QA has a wide variety of new roles and responsibilities in the Agile software development and project management.

In agile methodology QA members are not just responsible for writing test cases and testing the code, the scope of their role goes far beyond that. Here are some of the responsibilities of QA specialist in Agile process:

  • Provide analysis of the inputs from clients, stakeholders, end-users, and other project participants.
  • Revise user stories, such as requirement generation, out of scope stories, missing stories, etc.
  • Consult on features with the developers.
  • Build automated test cases, regression testing and acceptance criteria.
  • Consult on sprint development, duration, requirement development, especially in Scrum.
  • Ensure that functionality features do not impact other features in a negative way.

What is important for QA in Agile Team?

To ensure the best quality product, QA members must be involved in every aspect of the project:

QA should focus on the customer

With Agile, you will continually focus on the customer. You should learn everything about how the customer uses the product, understand product’s design, and overall think like a customer. Then you can combine that with the knowledge of the working system to define tests and scenarios that might not be apparent from the outside.

QA should automate the test suite

Since agile testing is done in parallel to development, automation becomes critical. Without it, QA will retest the same functionality repeatedly and falls behind quickly.

QA specialist will be able to test from the outside as if the application were a black box. With developers and QA both tackling automated testing in agile, QA will get both black-box and white-box testing. Additionally, with automated testing, QA will create tests that engineers can use as well. These tests can be included in the development pipeline and automatically execute with no manual intervention.

QAs should continuously improve their work

QA should be driving continuous improvement of testing practices. Work to become an expert on agile testing methodologies and strategies. Help the devs create integration tests that aren’t flaky but ensure that the system is working. Help build maintainable and healthy test suites.

QA should be a part of Agile dev team

The biggest change involves having QA as a part of the agile development team, and not a separate team. Since QA specialists are participants of the team, they can assist in continuous testing, instead of doing it all at the end of a sprint.

In an agile team, everyone is responsible for quality. It can be a great opportunity to share the expertise with the team. The main goal for QA in Agile involves not just finding bugs and defects but preventing them during the development cycle.

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