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Top 5 Teamworking Skills

September 18, 2018
    On the eve of the HR Day we decided to talk about 5 most necessary skills that will be useful for teamwork. Generally, soft skills are an important part of the employee profile. If you want to be competitive on the market you should upgrade them. For example, know how to communicate properly, resolve conflict situations, be a reliable team player.

Teamwork is required in almost every industry, so that’s why HR Department pays attention to soft skills especially in terms of team work. Thus, find Top 5 team working skills below, that employers are searching for in resumes, job applications, etc:

1. Know how to communicate.

Good team member knows how to communicate in different situations, share ideas and send a message to the other team players. It means the high level of verbal, visual and written communication. Professional team player manages and controls emotions, tone of the voice, stays friendly. When people are working in group they should be polite and respectful to each other, in case of problems communication will help avoid the separation of the team.

Teamworking Skills
Teamworking Skills

2. Conflict Solving.

Conflicts are inevitable in every team. It is essential to manage and solve them. Professional team member can mediate problems and negotiate for win-win result of the two sides. Conflict without discussion and resolution will make work in the team too hard and even toxic for the employees.

Teamworking Skills
Teamworking Skills

3. Critical Thinking.

Critical thinking and active listening are important parts of the team work. Active listening means possibility to listen each other, their ideas and feedbacks. Critical thinking gives opportunity to find out new solutions, creative decisions, etc. When team players listen to each other and are open to feedbacks, the work of the team and company in general will be effective and beneficial.

Teamworking Skills
Teamworking Skills

4. Responsibility.

Responsible team member always meets deadlines and isn’t afraid of challenges. This person can help a colleague in some issue, is confident to ask questions and delegate some tasks if it is necessary. Coworkers can trust reliable partners and create a strong team.

Teamworking Skills
Teamworking Skills

5. Respect to each other.

When team players respect each other’s time, work and opinions, their work becomes easier and more effective. Mutual respect and support in the team help concentrate on the task and improve all the work in general. That is why this skill is in the list.
Teamworking Skills
Teamworking Skills

HR Departments are participating in the process of research and staff recruitment. These specialists are doing great job for making teams better and stronger. Project won’t be successful without effective team and members. Thus, the role of HR department shouldn’t be forgotten. Happy HR Day!

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