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UI Trends to Consider in 2020

November 20, 2019
    User Interface (UI) trends normally tend to change very fast as the time passes, especially nowadays when different design elements develop, get upgraded frequently and replace each other. However, there are some of them that stay on or either disappear at all. The time has come to discuss the upcoming UI trends and what the designers in the field of user interface will bring in 2020.

UI’s main goal is customer satisfaction, which can be achieved by appearance improvement, objects’ placement optimization and simplifying the way a user assimilates information. The main focus of designers will be concentrated not just on design beauty, but on loading and information transferring speed as well.


Animations will be one of the upcoming trends in web design, that’s why we should pay attention to animated illustrations in UI design. Animations may come up as one of the most effective ways to exchange information.

It has become more difficult to surprise smartphone users. As developers invest more and more effort in smaller objects and details, it seems like there is not much left to change in the interface to outperform a competition for each client and receive positive feedback. This results in companies coming up with more sophisticated animations for the simplest elements. The presence of animations, dynamism makes users remember a brand with a higher chance, which gives a good opportunity for a brand to stand out and attract even more customers.


Gradient showed itself as one of the key trends in 2018 and 2019. However, it will not lose its relevance by 2020. The trend presents a variety and combination of nice colors, still being a very simple technique that adds some vibrancy to the overall design. Using even shades of one color may still look more interesting and unique rather than one plain color, this option allows you to create your own palette and keep the colors in balance.

The fact is that a sharp change of color, as a rule, negatively affects the perception of information. At the same time, monotony is considered boring. Gradients play a role of a bridge and seem like a compromise, adding external aesthetics to the product. This trend will be on top next few years for sure.

3D graphics

Even though 3D technologies are not in great demand today, which is a bit strange, they remain an instrument to transfer information with better details. 3D requires a lot more resources for both developing and loading pages, and at the same time it allows you to transfer a lot more information on a single page, so that a user will get the result faster without a need to switch between web pages.

The benefits of 3D design:

  • increases competitiveness;
  • simplifies the perception of information by the user;
  • details the product visualization;
  • simplifies the introduction of new design trends;
  • replaces physical prototypes.

You should remember, that 3D significantly slows down the loading time, that’s why try to pick some basic elements.

Navigation elements placement

For a long time, one of the main principles of web design and user interface was direct access to the navigation bar. But today, this trend is slowly changing (but it all depends on the device and the specific application).

The sites recommend hiding as many buttons as possible. One example is to hide the key tabs behind the “Menu” button. Thus, the user will always have access to the navigation panel, but more necessary information will be placed on the screen. Any movement and reduction of buttons will have a positive effect on the interface. As a result, instead of huge buttons, most sites use small icons.


Lately users increasingly prefer to work with interactive applications. They greatly facilitate familiarization with the product. But even such applications are impossible without a certain appearance and placement of work items.

Augmented reality adds the effect of immersion in a digital product. Its main goal is to speed up the acquisition of information and the execution of tasks. Many AR applications are poorly optimized, as AR itself is at the beginning of development. Accordingly, along with UI-design, AR will also be one of the main trends of 2020.

No matter what trend is popping at the moment, the main goal should always remain the same and be aimed at saving the client’s time, as well as providing full customer satisfaction experience.


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