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What are The Visual Trends of 2019?

February 19, 2019
    We couldn’t come by the Depositphotos top visual trends of 2019. This article inspired us to find out the main tendencies of design in 2019. Here are some of them.

#1 Minimalism

Minimalism is the trend that will always be popular and perspective. By the way, the concept of minimalism will be deeper this year: web and app design, product design, photos. This style is not so easy as it seems, because it isn’t enough to create something simple, to catch a moment – it’s important to have a sense, deep meaning or concept.

“Minimalism becomes philosophical”, – as it was said in one of the Depositphotos interviews.

Visual Trends of 2019

#2 Personalization

You can find this word in many sources – today it is a tendency in every sphere. Without doubts, 2019 is a year of personalization. You should know your audience and its needs. People share their personal info, so that visual content should be targeted and appropriate. Individual approach is the key.

Visual Trends of 2019

# 3 History of the Art

Classic art will inspire a lot of designers and photographers around the globe. But it has the new sense or is performed in a new way, more personal and individual. We can find some examples of the classical paintings that have up-to-date features, irony, fresh ideas, humor.

# 4 3D

3D graphic stands its ground and will rule a big part of web design in 2019. 3D has recommended itself as a constant and durable trend for the last few years. Today technologies allow graphic designers and photographers to create amazing 3D works. In 2019 this trend will develop and come across new dimensions.

Visual Trends of 2019

# 5 Nostalgia

Today the “last decades design” is inspiring more and more brands. 90s, 80s, 70s are the new design tendency. For example, fonts and pallets in web and apps or Adidas ads campaign. Nostalgic flashbacks are the best practices from the past mixed with fresh and current trendiness.

visual trends 2019And bonus: the color of 2019 is Living Coral.

Visual Trends of 2019Find out more about trends on Depositphotos blog.


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