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Women Who Create at SolbegSoft

March 5, 2018
    Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr, Adele Goldberg, Caterina Fake – what do all these women have in common? They are pioneers of the information technologies world united by a passion for discoveries and innovations. Today a lot of women take on enormous importance in IT sphere. They participate in every phase of software development and delivery process. On the eve of the International Women’s Day we’ve asked women at SolbegSoft about most adorable thing in their daily work.
Women Who Create at SolbegSoft

“I am very interested in all the processes of IT sphere: from training specialists to implementing projects. This work makes me forge ahead, change and develop myself. Active life and tangible results of work inspire me.”

Oksana Mogulenko, CEO at SolbegSoft

Women comprise more than 30% of SolbegSoft team, they work on different projects in various roles: Top Executives, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Business Developers, Technical Support Analysts, Solution Consultants and others. All of them contribute to SolbegSoft success in different ways.

Some of them take overall responsibility for creating, communicating and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction like our CEO, Heads of Departments, and Business Developers. Projects are delivered on time, team is working efficiently, all risks are reduced thanks to our Project Managers.

Women Who Create at SolbegSoft

“When the project takes possession of all thoughts, occupy all space, becomes not just a part of your life, but a second love, then you can do everything and even something impossible.”

Tatyana Shydlovskaya, Project Manager at SolbegSoft

Designers, Software Engineers and Quality Assurance Engineers are working on high-end products by designing, developing, implementing new solutions and ensuring their top quality. Timely and quality support and maintenance of our products are provided by Technical Support Analysts and Solution Consultants.

Women Who Create at SolbegSoft

“My work makes me to develop myself, move forward, follow the trends, news about products. I can see the results of what I do and that really inspires me! In addition, my work combines several positions – QA and People Management. I am very pleased to work with my colleagues, because they are interesting and complement one another what makes us excellent team.”

Olga Mitrofanova, QA Team Lead at SolbegSoft

Business Analysts communicate with customers, collect requirements, assist during the whole development process. They ensure effective implementation of projects, reducing risks, complexity, and implementation costs.

Women Who Create at SolbegSoft

“There are too many unreasonable and uncomfortable things around. I want to do everything possible for creation of quality systems and products that will work properly.”

Alesya Glebova, Business Analyst at SolbegSoft

Women represent our company abroad, establish long and trusted partnerships, help our company to be competitive and remarkable, like our Business Developers and Marketing Managers.

Women Who Create at SolbegSoft

“What inspires me most is how win-win partnerships can be created at the intersection of technology and various industries and spheres, taking the quality of people’s life to a brand new level and expanding horizons.”

Valeria Vasilyeva, Business Developer at SolbegSoft

Thanks to our Accountants all contracts are verified and all payments are made on time. High-level professionals in team, easy onboarding for newcomers, professional and personal development of every employee – all this is possible gratefully to our HR-managers and Recruiters.

We are proud, that all these women are part of our company. Every day they generate value not just for Solbegsoft, planning, creating, managing, developing, testing, communicating, but also for the whole Belarussian IT sphere in general. We want to thank them and all women in IT and wish Happy Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!


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