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Web Enabling (Cloud Migration)

Solbeg is an expert in legacy application migration of any complexity involving web enablement and moving conventional Intranet and desktop applications to the cloud environment.

Optimize Processes

Boost Efficiency

Increase Revenues

Minimize Risks

Thanks to modern cloud technologies, legacy applications can be given a second life on the web. Today’s cloud migration technologies make it possible to create wrappers for older software residing primarily in a company’s local network, and provide users with the same functionality as before, yet running on a web server and accessible from any location without limitations. The process of web enablement consists of several distinct steps, starting from the initial research and consulting and all the way through to deployment in a cloud, employee training and ongoing technical support.

Migration to the most powerful and promising platforms

We work with the most advanced and promising platforms delivering the best performance, stability and security in the long run. At the same time, we pay utmost attention to the integrity of users’ data and the smoothest possible transition to new functionality and ways of following familiar business flows. As professionals in the fields of database migration and application migration, we closely monitor the market for new trends, solutions and approaches to solving these complex tasks. Our services cover the entire range of activities related to the process of migrating enterprise applications to the cloud infrastructure: from working out a non-disruptive migration strategy and a comprehensive checklist of the most essential steps to creating a middleware software layer enabling older programs to go online and utilize flexible cloud storage.

A to Z consulting

Our vast experience in the areas of web enablement, database migration and application re-engineering make us an expert you can trust when looking for consulting on cloud migration. We will be able to come up with the optimal action plan and advise you on how to spend the computing power (and costs) of your cloud servers in the most efficient way possible. With our maintenance engineers overseeing the work of your online software suite, you can rest assured that its operation will be restored in no time in case of a server or database failure and that any affected data will be restored from a backup.If you are seeking a service provider to help you migrate one or more of your enterprise systems to the cloud, Solbeg is a choice you will never regret making!

Professional maintenance and support

Not only are we capable of re-engineering legacy applications for meeting the high standards of today’s enterprise software, but also provide professional technical support services for the warranty period and beyond.